By lCWC Blogger: Elder Tiffany Vallery 
Referenced: Apostle Dr. Lloyd Benson, Sr. Sunday Sermons

Everything you are going through is for your good. Though you may not understand it or feel like going through what you are going through please be encouraged by knowing that nothing in your life is happening by accident. God has allowed your storm to perfect you and sharpen you.  He is using the enemy to show you what you may not know that you have in you…. It could possibly be a bad habit or maybe an unknown strength. Either way He is making you aware of the person in the mirror…..the unknown reflection. We see the look of our faces, we watch our figures, we look at our attire but we don’t see the hidden us

Only God know us in ways we don’t know ourselves. We were all born in sin and shapened in iniquity. So God has to allow us to see what is in us that we don’t know we carry. It could be a habit taught from childhood. Possibly a pain you honestly thought you were over and have hidden bitterness because of it. Maybe, it is a complex about yourself because of things others have said about you as a child. Whatever it is, God knows how to get it out of us. The one misconception that has been put into the hearts of people is, “that if God loves me why is He allowing this”. Well, He truly loves you and that’s why He is allowing it. Because he want us to know Him in a greater way for ourselves. We can all refer to the many things Job had to face. God bragged on Job so much to the devil that it caused the devil to desire to test Job. Ah…… but God knew what He had created Job to be. The devil had no idea. Job truly loved God and eschewed evil but the question is…….would he have ever known his own strength had he not gone through what he went through? No! Job had to go through it all to show the enemy that his praise, his love, his adoration for God was for real. It also bought Job to a greater realization of his relationship with God. It’s one thing for us to talk about how much we love God, but, it’s another to face a storm and yet look through the dark clouds and see your God! Job lost his children, his flock, his home, his health. his wealth, and his wife was talking crazy telling him to curse God and die, his friends just knew he had done something to cause Gods anger to come down on him. Sweet Job was stronger than he ever knew he was. He stood his ground and never changed how he felt about God. God in returned blessed Job with more than he ever had before. God loves His creation. He is not trying to destroy us, but, we can destroy ourselves.  One thing we all must learn about the things that causes us to go through is this…….If we would just stand still and trust God, we will see that salvation of The Lord. God will reward you for your faithfulness and perseverance.  Your storm is not to break you but is allowed to make you become the best you you can possibly be. Be still and know that HE is God. He rules the storm and He is calling it…..”For your good”.

Pray today:

Lord forgive me for allowing this storm I’m going through to question Your Sovereignty and your love for me. I pray that you help my unbelief. Give me the strength to face this situation with faith, knowing You will always show up on my behalf. I trust your love for me. Lord I ask that when I come through this that You polish me to be the best me that I can be. Lord I thank You in advance for the victory through it all, In Jesus Name…..AMEN!