Red Berries Christian Stock Images LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF!

Why is that so difficult for so many of us today?  The sad truth is a lot of people

have never learned to love themselves.

Most people first learn to love from our parents or other family members.

Some of us have turned to other sources, because we were neglected, abused,

mistreated, or felt betrayed but loved ones or those closest to us.

Some of us have experienced feelings of guilt, shame, condemnation and

have low self esteem as a result.

We simply have never been made to feel valued or loved by others.

The good news is God loves us all just as we are! We must accept his

unconditional love and let go of the hurt, pain, scars and wounds of our

past experiences and allow the healing power of God to restore us.

We must believe we are precious in sight, the apple of his eye. We must

learn to love ourselves as God does, unconditionally. Then we will be willing

and able to love our neighbors, as ourselves.

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