Put Your Seed In The Ground!

by LCWC Blogger; Elder Tiffany Vallery
Reference; Apostle Dr. Lloyd Benson, Sr. Sunday Sermon
The month of Harvest can be very interesting to the mind and heart of one with great anticipation. We as children of God are always believing for God’s blessings to shower on us. But the question is, have you put your seed in the ground? As a little girl I remember my uncle who had acres and acres of sugarcane and how he would rise early in the mornings and work his fields. He would make sure the soil was good and they would work those grounds and work those grounds  in seed-time. He planted in hopes that when harvest came his cane would grow strong and be healthy. But sometimes in mid season the white-flies would show up, fungus would come or there would be weeds that came along. He kept working his fields and making sure he kept close eye on his cane and if anything showed up he would follow the procedure to eliminate it. Sure enough when Harvest time came he would have healthy sugar cane and made GREAT profits off of it. I enjoyed staying on their farm because we always was able to eat some of the sugar cane and it was so sweet to the taste. In this season we have to remind ourselves that we should not judge each day by the harvest we reap, but by the seed we put in the ground. Every day we have to make sure to plant seeds in the Kingdom of God. Make sure you are sowing in good soil and that you are watching your seed that the enemy won’t come and choke out your seed like Jesus warned about in Matthew 13: 1-23.  How do we watch our seed you ask? By keeping your life, your deeds, your words, and your actions in line with God’s will.  Make sure that you are not choking out your seed with your deeds and actions.  Make sure that your lifestyle don’t cause fungus to contaminate your seed. Make sure that you are not allowing the words off your tongue to become the flies that causes damage to your seed. Make sure you work your soil in excellence and place your seed in fertile ground. Protect your seed so that when Harvest comes you will reap the Harvest. You cannot reap if you do not sow.  The principle of God is REAL  Gal.6:7 states, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.” what I love most about God is just like my uncle would share his cane with us, you too will be able to share your harvest with your family. They will be able to enjoy the sweetness of your harvest right along with you. But, you cannot reap if you do not sow. Today decide to decide what is it you really want to reap, and make sure that is what you sow.  Although we are in Harvest season, start getting ready now for next season by putting your seed in the ground. If you sow in abundance you shall also reap in abundance. Sow and Reap your Harvest.


Father, I ask You to give me a heart to sow. Make sure I live a life that will protect my seeds sow that in due time and season I will reap if I faint not. Give me a heart to not focus only on the Harvest but that I will be careful about my seeds also. Your word says, I will reap what I sow. Lord, please help me to be careful that whatever I sow it brings Glory and Honor to you. In Jesus Name……AMEN!
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By lCWC Blogger: Elder Tiffany Vallery 
Referenced: Apostle Dr. Lloyd Benson, Sr. Sunday Sermons

Everything you are going through is for your good. Though you may not understand it or feel like going through what you are going through please be encouraged by knowing that nothing in your life is happening by accident. God has allowed your storm to perfect you and sharpen you.  He is using the enemy to show you what you may not know that you have in you…. It could possibly be a bad habit or maybe an unknown strength. Either way He is making you aware of the person in the mirror…..the unknown reflection. We see the look of our faces, we watch our figures, we look at our attire but we don’t see the hidden us

Only God know us in ways we don’t know ourselves. We were all born in sin and shapened in iniquity. So God has to allow us to see what is in us that we don’t know we carry. It could be a habit taught from childhood. Possibly a pain you honestly thought you were over and have hidden bitterness because of it. Maybe, it is a complex about yourself because of things others have said about you as a child. Whatever it is, God knows how to get it out of us. The one misconception that has been put into the hearts of people is, “that if God loves me why is He allowing this”. Well, He truly loves you and that’s why He is allowing it. Because he want us to know Him in a greater way for ourselves. We can all refer to the many things Job had to face. God bragged on Job so much to the devil that it caused the devil to desire to test Job. Ah…… but God knew what He had created Job to be. The devil had no idea. Job truly loved God and eschewed evil but the question is…….would he have ever known his own strength had he not gone through what he went through? No! Job had to go through it all to show the enemy that his praise, his love, his adoration for God was for real. It also bought Job to a greater realization of his relationship with God. It’s one thing for us to talk about how much we love God, but, it’s another to face a storm and yet look through the dark clouds and see your God! Job lost his children, his flock, his home, his health. his wealth, and his wife was talking crazy telling him to curse God and die, his friends just knew he had done something to cause Gods anger to come down on him. Sweet Job was stronger than he ever knew he was. He stood his ground and never changed how he felt about God. God in returned blessed Job with more than he ever had before. God loves His creation. He is not trying to destroy us, but, we can destroy ourselves.  One thing we all must learn about the things that causes us to go through is this…….If we would just stand still and trust God, we will see that salvation of The Lord. God will reward you for your faithfulness and perseverance.  Your storm is not to break you but is allowed to make you become the best you you can possibly be. Be still and know that HE is God. He rules the storm and He is calling it…..”For your good”.

Pray today:

Lord forgive me for allowing this storm I’m going through to question Your Sovereignty and your love for me. I pray that you help my unbelief. Give me the strength to face this situation with faith, knowing You will always show up on my behalf. I trust your love for me. Lord I ask that when I come through this that You polish me to be the best me that I can be. Lord I thank You in advance for the victory through it all, In Jesus Name…..AMEN!


By LCWC Blogger: Elder Tiffany Vallery
Based on this month’s teaching series:
“Desperately Wicked Heart”
by Apostle Dr. Lloyd Benson, Sr.
We grow up dreaming of the beautiful life we all desire to have. The life of fame and fortune or the home with the picket fence filled with a family. But as we all know life does not always turn out the way we dream it to be. We quickly experience the pains of life, the misfortunes, the betrayals, the hurts, the pains, and the sicknesses. All of these things cause us to go from a heart of happiness and expectation to a heart filled with so much hurt and pain. David was a child who not only felt rejected but he was betrayed by a leader he loved and was truly faithful to. Then he committed adultery, gotten another man’s wife (Bathsheba) impregnated and had the audacity to kill him for his selfish gain, then the child died. What a disaster! To be anointed King and to create such a chaos in your reign…….as we all sometimes do. In the prime of God raising us up we allow the enemy to pull us in places that we know we should not go. But thank God for being the loving and forgiving God that He is. David although anointed king had a heart filled with pain and sorrow. Maybe the rejection he felt caused him to gravitate to fulfill his fleshly desires, which pushed him into places that caused even greater pain. When David came to himself and realized that he had failed the only one that truly loves him, His God.  He then cried out for God to clean his heart and spirit. In other words he asked God to get his heart right and change his will and actions to line up with God’s will. He asked God to create in him a CLEAN heart and to renew a RIGHT spirit within him (Psalms 51:10). You can’t possess a clean heart with an unclean spirit or have a right spirit with a wicked heart. We have to make sure to ask for both. Your heart if not clean it will cause your habits and everyday life to be open to evil thoughts and actions such as murder, adultery, fornication, thefts, false witness, and blasphemies (Matt.15:19). So we take for example what David did for ourselves. We ought to make it a daily cry  out to God for a CLEAN heart and a RIGHT spirit so that we can be in alignment to fulfill the will of God for our lives. No matter how far you have gone in life God’s love is so GREAT for us that He is willing to forgive us, cleanse us, and make us whole again. Today just take the time to ask God to clean your heart and spirit so that you can be made new.
Pray: Father please forgive me. I repent for every thought, act, emotion, spoken words, and sin that I committed against you and your people. Lord, wash me through and through.  I pray you created in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. I want to be in your will and your will in me. I thank you for your forgiveness and the precious blood of Jesus Christ cleansing me and making me whole. In Jesus mighty name……AMEN!
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Rose Bud Christian Stock PhotosBut I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to
them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you, and persecute
you”. Matthew 5:44



February 14th Valentine’s Day, this is one day that  most us will consider or at least think about someone besides ourselves.

However I would like challenge you to go a step further and follow the lord’s commandment, concerning those who are not close to our hearts, or those who some might characterize as enemies. Those who don’t have your best interest
at heart and who are less concerned with your well being. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to pray for them but why not take this time to forgive  them. Make an attempt to reach out to them, or do something good for them. Find  a way to be kind to them, who by man’s standards,  don’t deserve it. God loved  us when we didn’t deserve it.

Love your enemies

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Red Berries Christian Stock Images LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF!

Why is that so difficult for so many of us today?  The sad truth is a lot of people

have never learned to love themselves.

Most people first learn to love from our parents or other family members.

Some of us have turned to other sources, because we were neglected, abused,

mistreated, or felt betrayed but loved ones or those closest to us.

Some of us have experienced feelings of guilt, shame, condemnation and

have low self esteem as a result.

We simply have never been made to feel valued or loved by others.

The good news is God loves us all just as we are! We must accept his

unconditional love and let go of the hurt, pain, scars and wounds of our

past experiences and allow the healing power of God to restore us.

We must believe we are precious in sight, the apple of his eye. We must

learn to love ourselves as God does, unconditionally. Then we will be willing

and able to love our neighbors, as ourselves.

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Cross Christian Stock Images“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend.” John 15:13

Wow, let’s think about that for a moment, not only is this the
ultimate sacrifice but it is also real love being demonstrated!

While so many people will be trying this week to find the right words or ways to say I love you. We can follow the example of Christ, who gave the greatest example of love not in words but in demonstration.

Love is after all an action word. Let us focus on demonstrating real love. We can begin by laying down our life for a friend or someone in need,of course not literally but we can put someone else’s needs above our own. We can give of ourselves, our time, our talents, our resources, our substance to help someone in need. We can do it with a pure  heart, expecting nothing in return. Find a way to love someone this week.

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“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son …” John 3:16

Cross Christian Stock ImagesDuring the next few days, most of the world will become pre-occupied with finding ways to express their love. Some will do that by purchasing gifts, such as flowers, candy, jewelry and other personal items, some will find other creative ways to express how they feel a about someone special.

What is real love? REAL LOVE is not based on our feelings or emotions. REAL LOVE is unconditional. The greatest example of unconditional love came from our Heavenly father, his love for all mankind was so great,that He gave His only son to be a sacrifice. To lay down His life for all mankind, while we were yet living in sin with no thoughts towards God. God gave us the greatest gift of all, salvation. That is REAL LOVE!

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